1. Nostalgia Prelude
  2. Akaka Falls
  3. Moonlight Bay
  4. Peach Pickin' Time in Georgia
  5. St. Louis Blues
  6. Whispering
  7. Trash Can Stomp
  8. Frankie and Johnny
  9. Kohala March
10. Crazy Rhythm

11. Beat Biscuit Blues
12. Great Speckled Bird
13. It Happened in Monterey
14. Limehouse Blues
15. Style O Blues
16. Honolulu Nights
17. Stompin' at the Savoy
18. Fort Worth Drag
19. Just Joshin'
20. New Steal
21. Las NiŅas

ACD 42
Mike Auldridge/David Grisman/Bob Brozman

After tracing the development of flat top steel string guitars, acoustic arch-top jazz guitars, and American style carved mandolins in Tone Poems I and II, Tone Poems III enters into the fascinating world of slide and "resophonic" instruments. This special project features the combined talents of dobro player extraordinaire Mike Auldridge, National guitar wizard Bob Brozman, and mandolin ace David Grisman. Together they delve into 21 tunes, playing over 50 instruments, detailing the development of these unusual hybrid instruments which formed the "missing link" between acoustic and electric.

Running the musical gamut from Hawaiian, blues, ragtime and swing to early country and bluegrass with classic period tunes like "Moonlight Bay, " "St. Louis Blues," "Great Speckled Bird," "Peach Pickin' Time In Georgia" and "Stompin' at the Savoy," as well as new originals like "New Steal," "Style O Blues," "Trash Can Stomp" and "Las Ninas." Mike Auldridge, a founding member of The Seldom Scene, is heard playing National guitars for the first time. Bob Brozman, known worldwide as "Mr. National Guitar," can be heard taking his whip-smart licks on Dobro as well, and David "Dawg" Grisman brings his finesse over to resophonic mandolins, tenor guitars and the unique Dobro Tenortrope. These three masters take us on a delightful musical journey across 20th century Americana demonstrating their virtuosity, love and respect for the music and instruments they play here.

Tone Poems III includes a splendid 48-page full color booklet with photographs, biographies and stories on the music and instruments in this extensive and monumental project. So slide on into Tone Poems III. An undoubtedly safe call.

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