1. Intro (Jerry & David)
    2. Grateful Dawg (Live - Warfield Theatre)
    3. Wayfaring Stranger (Bill Monroe)
    4. Sweet Sunny South (Live - Warfield Theatre)
    5. Old & In The Way Intro (Peter Rowan)
    6. Pig In A Pen (Old & In The Way)
    7. Dawg's Waltz (Live - Sweetwater)
    8. Sitting Here In Limbo (Live - Warfield Theatre)
    9. Off To Sea Once More (Ewan MacColl)
10. Off To Sea Once More (Live - Sweetwater)
11. Jenny Jenkins (Studio - Remix)
12. Arabia (Live - Warfield Theatre)
13. The Thrill Is Gone (Studio - Remix)
14. Friend Of The Devil (Live - Warfield Theatre)
15. Grateful Dawg (Studio Remix)


ACD 46
Jerry Garcia & David Grisman

The deeply rooted musical friendship between Jerry Garcia and David Grisman is exquisitely detailed in the 80-minute musical documentary GRATEFUL DAWG. Produced by Acoustic Disc and 11th Hour Productions & Entertainment, Inc. and directed by Gillian Grisman, GRATEFUL DAWG includes live Garcia/Grisman performances as well as rare and unique personal moments from the studio, backstage and home-style jam sessions. Interviews with friends and family are intertwined with live and archival elements, creating an intimate portrait of Jerry and Davidís relationship.

GRATEFUL DAWG traces the Garcia/Grisman connection from their earliest days as budding blue grassers, through the creation of the legendary Old & In the Way in the mid ë70s, to the Garcia/Grisman Band that highlighted their love of traditional acoustic music in the ë90s. Included is rare footage from San Franciscoís Warfield Theatre and the Sweetwater in Mill Valley, the performance that marked the reunion of these two musical kindred spirits.

Unreleased live audio tracks include "Grateful Dawg," "Sweet Sunny South," "Dawgís Waltz," "Off to Sea Once More," "Sittiní Here in Limbo," "Friend of the Devil" and "Arabia." GRATEFUL DAWG also includes the unreleased music video, "The Thrill is Gone," directed by Justin Kreutzmann in 1991.

GRATEFUL DAWG offers a unique retrospective of Jerry Garcia and David Grismanís musical kinship that reflects the true spirit of their collaboration and offers an intimate, inside look for longtime and newer fans to enjoy.

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