1. Citizens of Dawgnation
  2. Slade
  3. Mellow Mang
  4. Why Did the Mouse Marry the Elephant?
  5. Cha Cha Chihuahua
  6. Desert Dawg
  7. Twin Town
  8. Vivace
  9. Mr. Coolberg
10. Dawgnation
11. Bluegrass At the Beach
12. Argentine Trio
13. Dawg After Dark
Grisman, Aonzo, Gambetta (Bonus)

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ACD 49
David Grisman Quintet

25 years ago the David Grisman Quintet's first album revolutionized the world of acoustic string music and inspired a new generation of musicians. Now the David Grisman Quintet brings their imaginative blend of acoustic "dawg music" into the 21st Century with the genre-bending brilliance of Dawgnation. Opening with the powerful show-stopper "Slade" (dedicated to the late Charles Sawtelle), the DGQ is a lean and mean greyhound machine, putting all their musical expertise, passion and road-tested diligence into extreme focus.

From there the pace elegantly weaves a groove into the upbeat rock-samba "Mellow Mang," the Latin-laced "Cha Cha Chihuahua," the bluegrass-tinged "Twin Town," the dawg anthem title track from the Garcia-Grisman repertoire,the sly swing of the "Dawg After Dark," and seven other new Grisman originals.

Dawgnation celebrates the enduring quality of this longstanding Quintet. Bassist Jim Kerwin, multi-instrumentalist Joe Craven, flutist Matt Eakle and guitarist Enrique Coria each pair up with mandolin maestro Dawg in a series of duets showcasing their individual styles.

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