1. Unpredictable Birds
  2. The Fifth Recruit Deserted
  3. Welcome to the Moon
  4. Memory of Joroslav Jezek
  5. Three Weeks in an Empty House
  6. I'm Sinking in the Drain
  7. Hellebrations
  8. Faraway Over the Mountains
  9. Wild Life Refugee
10. Chorology
11. Liquor Licker
12. Martian's March
13. Last Supper

Radim Zenkl

For fans of new acoustic and new age music alike - as well as admirers of virtuosity and innovation - Acoustic Disc presents Galactic Mandolin, original solo instrumental compositions by Radim Zenkl, a gifted young musician from Czechoslovakia. Having pursued an unlikely career as a mandolin player in Eastern Europe, Radim moved to America in 1989 to be closer to the source of his musical influences. It didn't take long for Radim to make his mark on the acoustic music scene in California, where he now lives.

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