Disc 1
  1. Back to Back
  2. Diane
  3. In A Mellotone
  4. Real Laid Back
  5. Flickin' My Pick
  6. Moonlight Waltz
  7. Jethro's Tune
  8. Swing '39
  9. Out of Nowhere
10. Tickle Toe
11. Tiny's Rag
12. Groovin' High
13. Maiden's Prayer

  Disc 2
  1. Back to Back-take 2
  2. Diane-rehearsal
  3. In A Mellotone-take 2
  4. Real Laid Back-take 4
  5. Flickin' My Pick-take 3
  6. Moonlight Waltz-take 1
  7. Jethro's Tune-take 2
  8. Swing '39-take 1
  9. Out of Nowhere-take 1
10. Tickle Toe-take 1
11. Tiny's Rag-take 1
12. Groovin' High-take 1
13. Maiden's Prayer-take 2
ACD 60
Tiny Moore & Jethro Burns

Acoustic Disc proudly presents the long awaited CD release of Back To Back, the classic 1979 summit meeting of the two giants of jazz mandolin, Tiny Moore & Jethro Burns, complete with a second disc of previously unreleased alternate takes and a bonus track. Produced by David Grisman (who guests on three tracks), Back To Back also features the stellar rhythm section of guitar legend Eldon Shamblin with jazz masters Ray Brown (bass) and Shelly Manne (drums).

Jethro Burns, known to mandolin players as "The Great One," had a career in show business for more than fifty years - most notably as half of the comedy duo Homer & Jethro. His colorful style of 'note perfect' mandolin picking continues to be an influence to this day. Texas native Tiny Moore began working with Western Swing legend Bob Wills in 1946 and created his own unique style on a single-string, electric solid-body mandolin. The Back To Back sessions marked the first meeting of these legendary mandolin giants - an event of historic proportions.

The tunes on Back To Back are loaded with harmonic depth and swinging improvisation. Six of the songs were arranged and orchestrated by long time friend and colleague John Carlini. From the first groovin' notes on Wes Montomery's opening title track, it's apparent that this is jazz of another dimension. Tiny's electric mastery sways and bends in tandem with Jethro's acoustic expertise, while Shamblin, Brown and Manne provide an aural canvas that is simply unparalleled. From the barn-burning "Jethro's Tune" to the luscious triple-mandolin arrangement of Bill Monroe's "Moonlight Waltz," Duke Ellington's "In A Mellotone," Count Basie's "Tickle Toe," Moore's poignant ýReal Laid Backţ and the Reinhardt/Grappelli favorite, "Swing '39" - nothing was out of their league

The recently-discovered alternate takes that comprise the second disc reveal "golden insight into what made these cats swing so hard," as Jethro's musical protege, Don Stiernberg, declares in his liner notes. The program also includes a gem that was not included on the original LP, "Maiden's Prayer." So now for the first time on CD, we all can now enjoy Back To Back in its' newly-extended form.

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