1. Back Up and Push (Theme)
  2. She's No Angel
  3. I'm Just Here to Get My Baby Out Of Jail
  4. The Fields Have Turned Brown
  5. To Love and Live Together
  6. I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome
  7. Pidgeon Roost
  8. Down Where the River Bends
  9. Love Please Come Home
10. Letter From My Darlin
11. Is This My Destiny?
12. Ashes of Love
13. Is it Too Late Now?
14. Little Maggie
15. Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone?
16. Back Up and Push (Theme)
17. On and On
18. The Fields Have Turned Brown

ACD 90
Various Artists

Back by popular demand, this Deluxe Edition of Bluegrass Reunion includes the original 16 tracks plus two previously unreleased tracks featuring lead vocals by Jerry Garcia and a fiddle solo by Vassar Clements. This is also Red Allen's last studio recording before he died in 1993.

[Get ready for Bluegrass Reunion, an Acoustic Disc release featuring the legendary voice of Red Allen and the masterly mandolin playing of David Grisman, who got his first job as a bluegrass picker back in 1965 with Red Allen and the Kentuckians. The two are together again - this time with Herb Pedersen (Desert Rose Band) on banjo, Jim Buchanan (Jim and Jesse) on fiddle, Jim Kerwin (David Grisman Quintet) on bass, and very special guest Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead) singing with a classic bluegrass band for the first time since Old and in the Way in 1973.]

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