David Grisman and Craig Miller recently visited the Eastman Mandolin warehouse in Pomona, California where David personally selected several particularly outstanding brand new examples of instruments in the Dawg Collection. Chris Hillman is the new owner of one of these DGM-1 mandolins and these others are now available with case and factory warranty.

David Grisman

Contact: David Grisman (eastman@acousticdisc.com)

DGM-1 A replica of the Giacomel J5 mandolin, designed and approved by Corrado Giacomel of Genoa, Italy.

Price: $2950.00


DGM-2 A replica of the Bacon Artist mandolin, a very rare model which was available in the 1920s, perhaps the first American factory-made mandolin signed by a mandolin dignitary, William Place.

Price: $2250.00


DGM-3 A replica of the Lyon & Healy Style A mandola, another extremely rare instrument, unavailable since the 1920s. This model features a distinctive violin-inspired design and rich, robust sound.

Price: $2395.00 - SOLD